As you all know, IPAHW was postponed from July to October. It is now, despite all of our hopes, clear that there will not be a vaccine or any respite from this in the next two months.

With no way to maintain the health and well-being of our attendees, we are acknowledging that IPAHW 2020 will not be able to host an event this year.

We have added a refund form to our website to make it easier for the cancellations. The form will give you the option of: rolling your registration over to July of 2021, donating your registration to the organization, or getting a refund. If you are getting a refund, there is another question that asks if you would be willing to allow us to charge-back the electronic banking fees associated with payment/refund. These generally range from 6-8%, depending on the electronic application used.

Why do we ask this? IPAHW has already spent many thousands of dollars on the 2020 preparations. While we will be able to apply the vast majority of the product to the 2021 event, that doesn’t help us when it comes to refunds. To put it transparently, allowing us this cost-savings helps to ensure that IPAHW is around for years to come.

Thank you, we love you, and we hope to see you in 2021.


We at IPAHW acknowledge that unless Black Lives Matter, all lives do not matter. IPAHW supports those in the community that are taking up the fight to end systemic racism and oppression in our society.

We commit to making safe and affirming places for all our Black siblings in the community.

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Mission Statement & Code of Conduct

IPAHW is a weekend dedicated to human pets

& those who appreciate them.

Our purpose is to provide a safe, inclusive environment for fun and education to anyone interested in the lifestyle of human pets.

Code of Conduct


International Puppy and Handler Weekend (IPAHW) is committed to making its events a safe and welcoming environment.  IPAHW wants each attendee to understand that consent, inclusion, and safety are active choices and not just passive assumptions.  Our space is open and welcoming to any and all Human Pets, Trainer/Handlers, Admirers, and those expressing curiosity about the scene in a respectful manner.  To help with this understanding, we have put together a few basic guidelines and things to consider:



  1. Always ask for permission to touch people and/or their property.  To help make things easier, IPAHW has provided two color-coded wristbands.  Green means 'hugs and social touching is ok.' Red means, 'ask before any physical contact. If someone is without a wristband or their wristband isn't visible, always assume that verbal consent is required.  Sexual or suggestive contact should always be negotiated.

  2. This space is provided to help explore and enjoy the Human Pet scene. Those who share our space need to be aware that there may be blatant displays of kink and sexuality. If this kind of open environment is of concern, we would recommend that you not attend.


  1. Discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated.

  2. Do not shame the interests of others (sexual or otherwise) in word, action, or behaviour.

  3. Do not shame people’s bodies or self expression in word, action or behaviour.


  1. Do not photograph anyone who has not given you express consent.  Be mindful that not everyone has the luxury of having home and work lives that are safe from discrimination.  If you accidentally snap someone in the background, crop or edit them out. There is an event photographer who will be taking photos and doing their best to blur out those who do not consent.

  2. Do not tag people on social media without their consent.

IPAHW 2019

**All site photos courtesy of Bruce Hardin

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