Pup Kase - IPTC International Puppy 2018/19

Pup Kase - IPTC International Puppy 2018/19

Pup Kase is the IPTC International Puppy 2018-2019.  He is also Heart of The South Leather Puppy 2017-2018 and International Geared Up Pup 2017 runner-up and fan favorite.  Living in Atlanta, he is fortunate to serve the puppy/handler community in the Southeast and beyond.   One of his proudest moments in his journey since 1990 is creating, and being one of the founders of, the League of Atlanta Pups. Identifying as a red & white Irish setter, he does very well on task, however, if he is left unattended his mischievous side will take over.  If you lose him, just check the nearest cage where he may have locked himself in with your belongings or maybe even the nearest bar drinking other peoples drinks.

Daddy Griffyn - IPTC International Trainer 2018/19

Griffyn Ap Owain (Daddy Griff) is the current IPTC Puppy Trainer 2018, and formally Rocky Mountain IPTC Puppy Trainer 2017. Residing in Denver Colorado, Griffyn is a member of Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance, Rocky Mountain Pet Alliance, and Denver Puppies and Handlers. He is a big proponent of volunteerism and community service, always striving to build bridges. Share your stories, is his motto. Though this we as a community and those that interact with us can create a better understanding and bond with those around us. His journey in the kink community started over 30 years ago as a young man coming out in the gay bars of Europe, where his eyes opened, and he jumped in the lifestyle head first. While he enjoys many different kinks, from fire to impact play, his two favorites are puppies and food. If you can create a scene incorporating both, you just might have his heart. Griffyn is currently an event manager at Denver's Performing Art Complex while not in school where he is pursuing a degree in Fine arts. His goal is to be known as one of the leaders in the art world and recognized for his expression as a queer kink artist.

Photo Credit Tania A

Kabous Pup, International Geared Up Pup, 2018

Being a humanpup is how Matt Redding unwinds from the stresses of being the workday boss.  As a puppy, Kabous Pup shares his glass-half-full point of view all the time in hopes to inspire other pups to overcome their own personal demons.

Kabous used his IGUP2018 title year to launch his #ShowYourPill campaign to help raise awareness of HIV prevention, treatment, and overall public education.  Ask him for a #ShowYourPill pin if you are taking PrEP.

He formed the New Jersey Home for Lost Pups, NJ-HLP, in 2018 as a friendly way to encourage Pups, Sirs, and Furs within driving distance of NJ to build inclusive friendships and lower the fears of social anxiety.

Kabous previously served as head judge for both the 2019 South Central Puppy and Hander Contest and 2019 Florida Puppy Contest. He also served as a judge for the 2019 LA Puppy Contest and 2019 IGUP Contest.

As a contestant himself, other than winning the IGUP 2018 title, Kabous was "1st Runner Up" in the 2018 Northeast Puppy competition and "Judges Choice" in the 2019 Mr. Slut France competition.