Some of this year's exciting events!

This year, IPAHW will be continuing our most popular events:  The mosh (of course), the workshops, the agility course, the PAH summit, the (ever-popular) ball pit, and the Furry and Gear Dance Blast. 

Added to our line-up this year are a few events that we are very excited about!


 -Community Interview.  On Thursday night, two prominent members of our community will be interviewed on-stage.  Don't pass up this chance to hear about the changes in our community through the years!

 -Expanded PAH Summit.  for 2019, the PAH summit will triple in time, having break-out sessions to further discuss specific victories and challenges within the community.

 -PUPPY POOL PARTY (no need to even say more)!

 -IPAHW's Got Talent.  On Sunday of this year, the attendees of IPAHW will get a chance to show their stuff in our first IGT variety show, complete with celebrity judges!  Sign up will be at the event, but start practicing now!

 -Pet Show.  Not identified as a puppy, but want to strut your stuff?  We will have a Pet Show to give you a chance to accentuate your particular brand of pet play.

 -Lube Wrestling. Yup. Lube wrestling. Messy, sexy, lubey. Heck YEAH!

 -Play parties!