Masters of Ceremonies

S. E. "Doc" Feigelstein


Doc is a Pixie Butch Leatherdyke Sensation Junkie Bootblack Pup who has been out and about in the greater kink and leather communities for a decade, noting she knew she was kinky before she realized she loved women. She runs Pittsburgh’s Queer Munch, teaches classes on sensation play, scar tissue mobility, and consent, is the MC for Pittsburgh Leather Pride Weekend, continues to educate and advocate for survivors of rape and sexual assault, and she worries…have you eaten???  This Neurotic Jewish Mother, who has been MCing events since she was 14, hurts the elderly (consensually) by day, and, by night, is a devoted, collared wifeyboy to her Sir Wifeybabymama.  She is proud to have held the titles of Ms. Pittsburgh Leather/Fetish 2012 and American Leatherwoman 2012 and is excited and honored to be the Keynote speaker for IPAHW 2019!!!

Chad (TinkerRocket) Paulwick

Chad (TinkerRocket) has been emceeing leather contests since 2010 and enjoys sharing his energy and laughter with the crowd.  His extensive involvement with leather contests includes being a producer, title-holder, mentor, judge and emcee.  He was honored to be a judge at Mr. International Rubber contest and the International Mr. Leather contest.

Chad began his leather journey in 2000 under the mentorship of Daddy R.  He serves at the secretary for the KC Pioneers.  Over the years he has been member of several leather/fetish groups including the Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association, KC boys of leather, and part of Mama’s family as Mama’s Sweet and Evil.  He has taught classes on flogging, bondage, and boot blacking.  He lives in Kansas City with his partner KhaosRebel.