Masters of Ceremonies

It's impossible to have a great contest without great MCs.  Our Masters of Ceremonies this year are Tyesha Best and Chad (TinkerRocket)!

Tyesha Best

Tyesha Best is a Queer, Femme, Poly, Switch flourishing within her Leather Community for over 10 years.  Her pronouns are her, hers, she, and they.  While going to school for Music, Tyesha began her journey as an online Gorean slave on collarme.com.  With prompting from a college fraternity sister, Tyesha went to her first TNG-Dallas meeting, a group of kinksters under the age of 35, and became an offline kinster.  She continued to look for more education, discovering Leather and thusly joined National Leather Association-Dallas Chapter, as well as Fresh Leather, a committee within NLA-D for Leatherfolk under the ager of 35, of which for the latter, she served as education chair.  Later, she joined the National Leather Association-International as the Policies and Procedures Chair and Secretary, serving that organization for over 7 years.  Tyesha has also used her skill set of organizational restructuring, bylaws, and Policies and Procedures editing and creating and has served as a consultant for many organizations including WILL, WILF, NLA-I, various girls of leather clubs, and others.  She also served as bylaws chair for WILL and WILF for a short period of time.  Tyesha was also the calendar editor and then assistant editor of Leatherati.com


Tyesha is one of the founding members of the Dallas Girls of Leather, as well as an aid to other girl-groups that formed in past years.  Tyesha has volunteered, judged, and Emceed for several contests, lending her voice as a non-titleholder, anthropology-loving, and self-educated historian.  Tyesha teaches a variet of classes that speak to women's Leather History and iconography, Race and Race Relations, Instersectionality, Social Media and Branding, and Women's Influence on Drummer Magazine.

Currently, Tyesha is an Onyx Pearl and an avid fan and supporter of both Onyx and Onyx Pearls and enjoys spending time with her siblings.  She is also Social Media Coordinator of International Mr Leather, Inc., and is one of the few female-identified Wingman as a back-patch.  Tyesha is an Onyx Pearl, having served as bylaws and co-chair and educational chair.  She is also Assit. Editor-in-Chief of Leatherati.com.  She also holds a Pantheon Of Leather award for the Florida Region.  She is the winner of NLA-International's Steve Maidhof Award for her services on Intersectionality.
Tyesha believes that intersectional activism and involves herself in LGBTQIA as well as BIPOC advancement, frequently using her leadership roles and educational opportunities.


Tyesha currently resides in Wilton Manors, Florida, enjoying her career as a flight attendant.

Chad (TinkerRocket)

Chad (TinkerRocket) began emceeing leather contests since 2010 and enjoys sharing his energy and laughter with the crowd.  His extensive involvement with leather contests includes being a producer, title-holder, mentor, judge and emcee.  He was honored to be a judge at Mr. International Rubber contest and the International Mr. Leather contest.

Chad began his leather journey in 2000 under the mentorship of Daddy R.  He serves at the secretary for the KC Pioneers.  Over the years he has been member of several leather/fetish groups including the Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association, KC boys of leather, and part of Mama’s family as Mama’s Sweet and Evil.  He has taught classes on flogging, bondage, and boot blacking.  He lives in Kansas City with his partner KhaosRebel.