Dorian Minley

Dorian is a Black, queer disabled trans man and LGBTQ+ advocate. He is the national president for La Fraternite du Loup-Garou, a traditional leather/levi fraternity for AFAB masculine gender outlaws. He is also known as Pup Gavroche, a super adorable pit bull with an acute fondness for the houndstooth hanky. Other hankies he's into include lime green, magenta and gray. He's been active in the community about 6 years, with leather, community outreach, and volunteering his focus. Outside of leather, his hobbies include video and tabletop gaming, cooking, making music, and being naked.


Drew/Colossus is a demisexual switchy pup and handler who uses he/him/his pronouns.  He has been involved in his local community for 5ish years or so in roles varying from board member on the local pup and handler group to being an agent of chaos and doing his own thing as he pleases, with consent. That usually includes playing video games or tinkering with a variety of projects or wrestling with puppies and pinning them to the mat. Drew's almost always down for a snuggle puddle! Barouuu

Photo Credit Tania A

Leftenant Fox (L.T., Fox)

Leftenant Fox (L.T., Fox)  Salt Lake City, Utah
Fox (She/her/hers) is a PolyQueer, sadistic switch and proud house member of The Menagerie. She has been in the community since 2014 and enjoys pet play, rope, trampling and flogging.
Fox has co-created organizations in Utah and Montana that focus on inclusive, empowered play. She was entrusted with the Inaugural Ms. Leather Salt Lake, UT title and created community health days that partner with top care providers to ensure access to LGBTQA+ health information and care.
She’s served as instructor, contestant wrangler, tally master, non-competing partner, and Judge for contests and events around the USA.
Fox has led a vagabond life in which curiosity and connection are the driving forces in her journey. Combining over 13 years of martial, spiritual, anatomical, and bodywork teaching experience creates safe environments that engage and spark the fires of discovery in attendees.

Master Mark

Though he is often loathe to admit it, Mark is a local Master who has been in the scene for almost twenty years. He takes the word sadist seriously, and can frequently be found whipping his girl, sub_Rhiannon, to shreds at annual area events...much to her delight! In addition to sex and violence, his other kinky passions include consent education, emotional awareness, and golden showers. (That last one was just to see if you were still listening...) He is the current co-director of MAsT: Indianapolis, and operates as the lead Zombie Evacuation Officer (ZEO) of House Awkward Turtle.


Rhiannon is an Indianapolis submissive who is fortunate to skillfully serve her Sir through housecleaning and hot sex (though she much prefers the latter!) She has presented classes in the past at several local events, and is excited for the chance to teach at her first pup event. She is member of MaST: Indianapolis, and loves impact play, cigar play, and would like to get more experience with rope. Rhiannon is the Chief Wrangler and Event Coordinator of House Awkward Turtle, which includes two unremarkable bio-dogs and two fantastic human pups!

slave reba

slave reba is a femme queer slave from Indianapolis, IN. She has been ingrained in the regional and local community since 2014. She is in service to her Sir, Scott and you will often find reba, bootblacking, handling contestants, teaching, or getting down and dirty in the dungeon! She is a RACK player with a penchant for boots, rough body play, whips, knives, humiliation and degradation. She is a proud member of MAsT Indianapolis, Titans of the Midwest, and a founding member and current Road Captain of Crossroads Leather Club. She also is the “head” instigator of House Awkward Turtle where she also is the unintentional Handler of pup Havok whether she likes it or not.

Jewel, Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2019

Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2019 Jewel (she & they pronouns, please!) is a bisexual genderqueer Jersey Femme Daddy. You can find them most frequently in the dungeon: co-producing NJ’s largest pansexual/queer BDSM party for the past five years with Conduit Enterprises; serving as a dungeon monitor at play events; having tough conversations & writing policy behind the scenes; and educating on kink skills around the country!
As both a sadistic Sir and a filthy boy who adores boots, singletails, rough body play, caning, roleplay, history, ethics & aesthetics; Jewel is proud to represent The Next Generation of the BDSM & leather communities. They founded a TNG club chapter in 2013, and have served on-staff as International Ms Leather & Ms Bootblack’s Under-35 Liaison since 2015.


boi is a butch, genderqueer bootblack and pup who’s known for his world famous spit shine. He is a devoted dad to Mr Bear as well as his elephant Peanut, who is always happy to lend a hand to dad’s work. He’s constantly exploring his little side with bear by his side and at his stand. He’s recently earned the title, #bestbeardad. 
boi has a passion for community events and working the stand any chance he gets. Since cracking his first can of polish in 2016, he's been dedicated to learning not only technical skills, but also the history of the craft in the Leather community. 
He regularly attends boot labs and skill shares across the country and has been honored to shine at numerous events including, IMsL, MAL and IPAHW. He has been a member of IML’s Team Shine the past two years and is also a full member of the Windy City boys Troop. 


Bamm-Bamm identifies as a switchy sexual opportunist, and bootblacking is no exception. Whether he’s grinding on a pair of Wesco’s at the nearest leather bar, tweeting about his latest exploits as a traveling cumpuppy, or greasing the boots standing on his chest at any given moment, it’s all about the erotic energy exchange. Known for his hyper-sexual Bootblacking style, whether top or bottom, Bamm knows how to ensure everyone in his chair leaves satisfied. Bamm-Bamm is one of very few people to have held two major international leather titles, having won International Leatherboy in 2012 and International Mr. Bootblack 2015.
You can now find him groping every pair of boots in sight whenever he gets the opportunity to bootblack, as well as teaching classes at events around the world and perverting everyone willing along the way. He currently calls Cincinnati home with his husband & fellow IMBB, Pup Pawlish. Bamm is the loving Daddy to his little, Dougie, and Sir to his boy Zachary, and is also celebrating 6 years as the proud handler of the infamous front-walking dog, pup Tugger.

slave adeena, International Person of Leather 2017, 2015-2016 Heartland Person of Leather

slave adeena started her journey over... now a lady never tells her age!  slave adeena is a polyamorous, sapio and demi sexual with a love for authority exchange relationships.  The calling through her leather path grew her passion for protocol and rituals. slave adeenas’ service has taken many forms through the years.  slave adeena understands the value of a good listening ear, warm smile and hug and is always willing to give these to those that consent.
slave adeena has served as the 2017 International Person of Leather and the 2015 - 2016 Heartland Person of Leather.   She is a full member of Indiana Leather Club, associate member of Titans of the Midwest and supporting member of Blue Max CC St. Louis. She has presented and judged at various BDSM clubs and conventions throughout the United States and Canada.  she was a keynote speaker in Canada. slave adeena continues to grow with each encounter and is always looking for ways to cross lines- and build communities.

boy kaz, International Leatherboy 2017

boy Kaz, International Leatherboy 2017, is an active member of the Northeast Ohio LGBTQ, leather, and kink communities. Currently, boy Kaz is honing his bootblacking skills by participating in bootlabs and shining whenever he gets the chance. He is a founding member of the GDI Outlaws, has rocked a hairy chest since High School, and advocates for better autism awareness. He hails from Cleveland, Ohio where he lives with his Sir/husband of 15 years. He enjoys chastity play, being spanked, armpits, and losing his keys.

Rhee and Mactep

Rhee and Mactep are longtime members of the BDSM/Leather community; each with twenty plus years in and spent in various parts of the country. They have been together for the past sixteen years but have known each other for as long as the interwebs have been a household thing. Through this time, they have retained passions for education, and seeking to better the community at large. Each brings a unique perspective honed and formed through their individual and joint journeys, trials and tribulations. Equally comfortable having a serious conversation, or having a flight fancy, but both retain the hope to make others travels easier by sharing what they know.

Mx. T

Mx. T (pronounced Mix Tee) is a non binary, Afro-Cuban, queer, feminist, polyamorous Leather Daddy and pup Handler. They have been in kink and local activism their entire adult life and come into the South Florida Leather scene to build a community for QTBIPOC that is inclusive to all. Mx. T is the creator of the Kinky Kiki, a social and educational meetup that centers QTBIPOC and their unique experiences with kink/BDSM in South Florida and is the co-organizer of Florida Fetish Rendezvous, a monthly leather event that is affirming to queer, trans and gender non conforming people. Mx. T is being mentored by Nicole Noir of the House of Noir and is an active member of South Florida Kennel Club and Associate of Onyx Deep South.

Kinsey, Indiana Trainer 2019

Kinsey identifies as an asexual trainer and little from Lafayette, Indiana. Active in the kink community for over a decade, Kinsey is a member of Indy Pets and Handlers and MAsT: Tippecanoe. When not lifting up a room with her enthusiasm and joy, she is likely cuddling her human pup Echo and her four legged dog Dexter.
In her vanilla life Kinsey is a dog groomer and that shows in her life as a trainer. Kinsey enjoys giving hot wax massages, grooming Echo, and is absolutely not a sadist, she promises... look it was just that one time. Okay, maybe twice, and she only punched that puppy a little.
As Indiana Trainer 2019 Kinsey’s mission is to share her passion for education, service and training, all while raising asexual awareness within her community.

Pup Red

Pup Red has been a pup and a part of the pet and handler world for 8 years. During that time, he’s been a regular volunteer, working with events and organizations in the furry, leather, and PaH communities. He is currently the Vice President for the Chicago Puppy Patrol, a full member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, and a staffer at both Anthrocon and Midwest Furfest. Spending 10 years among the furries and 8 among pups, pets, and handlers has given him a unique outlook on their overlapping communities.