Regional Feeders


IPTC is now granting official feederships to the annual International Puppy and Trainer Contest. These feederships will be granted to organizations or individuals who demonstrate a willingness to promote a positive Puppy and Trainer lifestyle and agree to hold an annual contest of their own to select winners as representatives for their respective areas. Feeders also will agree to promote the original International Puppy and Trainer Contest as well as its past and traditions. Official feeders will be given "exclusive" rights to send their titleholders to the International competition, provided that all requirements and guidelines are met.


There are no fees associated with having an Official IPTC Feeder. However, the organization will be responsible for all costs of their own contests, as well as the costs associated with sending their representatives to the International Level Contest. As stated above, Feederships are granted to those individuals who demonstrate the willingness to hold feeder contests as well as promote a positive Puppy lifestyle and IPTC. Official Feeders must adhere to standards and guidelines as provided by IPTC producers when running their contests. Official Feeders should send representatives to the International Level Contest annually. If an official feeder goes two consecutive years without sending a representative, they risk losing their feedership. The IPTC Board will make the final determination in each case.
It is required that our feeder contests do not discriminate on any basis.  Exclusionary language or discriminatory practices will jeopardize the feedership. 


Official Feeders have autonomy to run their contest format in any way that they see fit.  However, IPTC will suggest some guidelines based on our experience. 
We would recommend that State and Regional-level contests follow a format similar to IPTC's contest.  This is only recommended so that the contestants have practical experience when they compete on the international stage. 

We would recommend that you choose your judges wisely. It is best to avoid any appearance of favoritism by not allowing close friends/leather-family members judge.  It is also recommended that state-level producers do not judge the regional competition unless they do not have a contestant competing. 

While official regions posses a degree of exclusionary control over their regions, some regions will overlap based on geographical nuances.  These overlaps will be determined by the IPTC board.  Like everything in life, these regions may need to be reassessed from time to time, due to the evolution of the community.
In the event that another large state-level/regional-level contest pre-dates the official regional feeder, they may ask to be excluded from the region's exclusionary policy.  This will be granted on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed. The larger the geographic region, the more likely the IPTC board is to allow more than one contest to send contestants.
In the event that a region fails to produce a contestant, the regional producer may appoint a titleholder/former titleholder from their region to compete in the International Contest.  The regional producers are expected to announce their intent to sponsor the substitute as soon as they are aware.
If a region fails to produce a contestant or an appointee by May 15, any titleholder in the region is free to run. 
Requirements and Guidelines may change based upon need.  The requirements and guidelines listed here do not represent any kind of contract.


Areas will be granted based on the size of the community located around the Applying Organization. This could mean that the organization is granted an entire state, a geographic region, or just a major city. The applying individual or organization will request their desired area and name; however, the producers of IPTC will set the radius of the organization’s reach.