IPAHW 2019's

EVENT DJ - DJ Boner (Ashtray Kain)

DJ Boner (Ashtray Kain) will be IPAHW's Event DJ for the weekend. He will be Djing at the Official Mosh on Friday and throughout the weekend in the Vendor Mart! Make sure to say hi to him and shake that tail to his pawesome beats!!!

DJ Boner (Ashtray Kain)

Matthew Mullins, Pup Ashtray Boner Kain (DJ Boner)is a professional writer, photographer, influencer, DJ and fetish event promoter.

He likes to write quirky experimental electronic music under the name Biological and is a DJ all over Southern California.

 He has been a pup for 25 year this August and has a handler named Dan Lovell. Together they created “Skullbit Creative,” a unique fetish-oriented party promotion team that has created many parties such as Dog Pound, CockSock, and Glow Me.

In 2014, Mullins joined the ranks of the Los Angeles Leather Contingent, after winning Mr. Bullet Leather 2014. Six months later, he won Southern California Leather Boy 2014 in San Diego, which led him to compete and place 1st runner up at the International Leather Sir/boy competition in Dallas.

In 2015, he competed and won the title Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather, and in February 2017, he won a fourth title; in its inaugural year, he became International Geared Up Pup.


In March 2017, TruTV’s ‘You  Can Do Better’ asked Mullins to be featured as a human pup that is a pet expert on the ‘Pets’ episode which was about humans and their relationship to pets.   They added him to an additional episode called ‘the Betty’s’ later that year.

In 2018, Netflix asked Matthew Mullins to be featured on the show, Magic for Humans, starring magician Justin Willman. They featured a short segment starring him and his partner Dan. They also featured the LA Pup contestants from 2017. Justin performed magic tricks for all of them and it ends with a delightful group howl.


Mullins is seen as an advocate for the pup community hailing as Pup Ashtray Kain, and has taken a prominent role in reviving the pup scene in Los Angeles, mostly by creating Dog Pound, the largest pup play event in SoCal at the time, and LA PUP PRIDE Weekend, with its crowning glory, the Los Angeles Pup Contest. Since its incarnation, the pup community has grown leaps and bounds with the creation of the SoCal PAH group, nearly 4 monthly pup play events, by other promoters, the addition of a pup representative into three local titleholder contests, and a weekly puppy billiards night. 


He currently resides in Studio City.